AS, AGS, AAS, AA Degree Definition Complete

Find the true meaning about AA Degree Definition. If you've been thinking about starting your college journey in a They are a amazing place to start your studies, whether you're seeking a bachelor's degree eventually or prefer to acquire a two-year level and start your career. Now the major question: Which degree is best for you? Here are the choices:

Associate of Arts (A.A.)

The A.A. is a two-year degree that's designed to move to a four-year faculty. The A.A. is greatest for those intending to pursue four-year Categories that fall beneath Liberal Arts (like artwork, art history, psychology, history, English, philosophy, and theater).
  • The credits and classes you take are ensured to move to any four-year college in Colorado.
  • You get your core courses done (English, mathematics, science, etc.).
  • You will transfer to a four-year university as a junior and have just two years left (normally 60 credits) to finish your degree.

aa degree definition

Associate of Science (A.S.)

Such as the A.A., the A.S. is a transfer level. It's ideal to decide on the A.S. if you plan to important in something such as mathematics or astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, or other science.
  • You require a normal set of courses that meet the general education requirements at any four-year college in Colorado and are guaranteed to transfer.
  • You obtain your core classes done (English, mathematics, science, etc.).
  • You may move to a four-year university as a junior and have only two years ago (typically 60 credits) to complete your degree.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Wish to get to work whenever possible? The A.A.S. is the level for you. This is a profession degree that prepares you to enter skilled jobs, like nursing, accounting, machining, computer networking, welding, etc.
  • It is not meant to move into a bachelor's degree program, however a few classes might be accepted if you later choose to transfer.
  • At FRCC, we offer A.A.S. levels in areas such as architectural engineering and building, early childhood education, forestry and natural resources, interpreter prep, nursing, and many, many more fields.

Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.).

Another degree for those who wish to get trained and functioning in two decades, that the A.G.S. is customizable to match your goals, whether you've got your eyes on entrepreneurship in a special area or want to be certain to hone those communication abilities.

Here is a Aa Degree Definition

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