Arizona State University ASU Online Degree Programs. There are new?

Arizona State University today announced the development of thirteen new online degree programs, reaching a total of over 110 undergraduate and graduate on ASU online degree programs. This development further shows that the university's visionary direction in scaling and expanding its online program to meet the evolving needs of students across the world.
ASU Online Degree Programs

ASU currently serves more than 80,000 students from all fifty states and over 120 nations throughout the globe, more than 20,000 of which are online learners. Registration for all these programs is currently open for the Fall B semester, beginning October 2016.
"These new programs extend the offerings in some of our top degree specializations, such as Business, Education and Health," stated Leah Lommel, Assistant Vice President of EdPlus in ASU and Chief Operating Officer of ASU Online. "Also, these applications broaden the regions where our prospective and current students can pursue their career and educational interests while pursuing a degree entirely online."
As a part of its continuing leadership in expanding access to higher education, ASU exceeds boundaries with its commitment to availability and ensuring that every qualified student has the opportunity to go for a diploma, regardless of his or her background. Named the most innovative school in the nation from U.S. News & World Report, ASU is visionary, climbing its commitment to satisfy the growing needs of students around the globe. 

ASU Online is headquartered in ASU's SkySong Campus and provides over 60 undergraduate and 50 graduate degree programs entirely online. The internet program holds the same accreditation as the university's conventional program and gives opportunities for pupils to learn from precisely the exact same faculty, engage with the same academic substance and also benefit from the very same resources as pupils who attend classes on campus, and this is an exceptional chance compared to for-profit company's online offerings.

The development of these new online applications caused ASU's commitment to making its high-level specializations available to all qualified students, regardless of whether they're on-campus and online, and also its own leadership in realizing the changing needs of pupils and of their market. As an instance, the internet Bachelor of Science in Health Care Coordination enables students to efficiently organize resources to maximize individual health outcomes. Changes in the health care system place greater emphasis and fiscal incentives for preventing illness and maintaining healthy lifestyles, meaning there is a heightened demand for care coordination services to aid people and their support groups.

Why Choose ASU?

Here are a few reasons why ASU can you make the ultimate choice in online degree programs.

In ASU Online our golden standard equates to a bright future. We think that everybody deserves a high-quality education and also have made an advanced online learning expertise with your success in your mind.

1. Same material, updated delivery
Our online degree programs are powerful, smart and flexible. Unlike a normal online lecture, ASU's online classes are highly interactive, engaging every pupil and ensuring that the topic matter is totally understood. This arrangement also facilitates interaction with the highly established school on campus and classmates to promote learning through cooperation. It was specially designed to offer access to this huge academic, study and career tools that ASU provides -- to anybody, anywhere.

The faculty of Arizona State University is composed of a number of the cleverest, most advanced academic minds on the planet. By Nobel laureates, to Fulbright scholars to Pulitzer Prize winners, our online classes offer you an immediate link for their understanding and expertise.

2. Tuition that does not violate the bank
We all know college is more expensive. That is why ASU gave more than $1 billion dollars in all kinds of financial help in 2013-2014.

Each undergraduate degree program has an academic adviser who will help you select classes, find resources and ensure you are on track to graduate. Moreover, you may be paired with a mentor to direct individual abilities and interests, assisting you to get the absolute most from your own program.

3. Your credits will move
ASU is a state-school, which means that your hard-earned credits will probably move over when you opt to enroll. Our registration coaches can help steer you through this procedure.

ASU Online is dedicated to the lifelong learning of Sun Devils anyplace
ASU Online is for pupils in all walks of life that share a priority to attain a high quality, highly regarded school education but have to balance their lifestyle with different duties.

Courses designed specifically for your Important
From nursing to technology to communications, there's not any "one size fits all" when it comes to delivering course material on the internet. Different academic areas require different strategies and every application is custom designed for this in mind.

School, work, and family could be a real feat, but it is much better with assistance. That is why our Success Teachers, advisors and professors are all devoted to helping you keep on track and guiding you all of the way from registration to graduation.

Courses developed by award-winning college
Nobel laureates. Fulbright scholars. ASU's school is comprised of a number of the world's cleverest academic minds. And since our online classes are taught by exactly the identical college that instructs on campus, so they're the professors, also.

A constant experience, Regardless of What route
As an internet student, your focus is on learning on your path, not on figuring out how to take your program. We endeavor to ensure a consistent experience during our electronic classrooms, helping you to dive right into your region of study.

Our classes are reviewed and analyzed by our educational designers. We utilize analytics and pupil feedback to quantify their efficacy and to enhance future classes.